~310 Of 365~

Because of the time change waking up early wasn’t a problem yesterday.  Unfortunately, for me, there is no panacea that will get me back to sleep so I played with the apps on my phone. It is a little artsy fartsy for some but fun for when I have downtime on the house construction.  The app used here is “Snapseed”, and is available for Apple and Android users to download and so far does not drain the phone’s battery or use too much space.  Although I usually just use straight out of the camera shots and Lightroom on the desktop, this app is a fun one to use straight from the phone anywhere.   I wouldn’t know how to begin to do this in camera… if it can be done at all.

Believe it or not, the photo here is the same photo posted in yesterday’s post… just artsy fartsy’d a bit more.   Sometimes its good to have some fun and let the imagination wander and wonder among the techno.

Til next time…


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