~319 Of 365~

Life is very experimental these days for me.  For example, sometimes, I just can’t stand being around the stinkers, but more and more I am enjoying the sounds and vibes of the frogs… or toads *I still am not sure what they are*.  So that means I must put up with them in the garden when I find them under leaves and such.

This little guy is from the Grateful She’d area.
frog (1 of 1)He’s been hiding under the chair cushion for a couple of weeks now, or who knows how long… I have probably sat on him a few times and didn’t know it.  Anyway, he never seems to be bothered by Murray or me, so I am not bothering him.  I guess he has enough to eat and calling the chair home for awhile is just fine.  I can sit in another.  It is a good study of nature’s givings to enjoy, or learn from as I sit and just watch him.  In fact, I look forward to his company while I drink my coffee at the She’d daily.

And such, life is just a huge experimental journey.

Til next time…

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