~352 Of 365~

I never know where my daily compass is going to take me, but today was a fun one finishing up a crafty-wafty project.  The wind has died down so I took advantage of being outside and enjoying the nice weather.

A few days ago I cut oak slices from branches saved from the arborists cleaning up the oaks a few months ago.  They made a pile in the corner of the yard for saving.  Today the sander got out of hiding for a little elbow grease work and then oil finished the cuts off for a small appetizer tray.

I love these!  Super heavy because they are oak and because it is such a great wood, I can also use them as a small cutting board which will help on days of picnics and the venturing to concerts in the park next summer.  Small enough to fit into a backpack.

I know there are those out there that are saying Jeeezzzz its only a slice and dice deal, easy peasy, but the wood was so hard, I went through a few blades and it became a monster to cut.  But when I found the way… I was into it.

*Can’t believe I did it…my neck hurts from the sander.  Ughghg*

The only thing left for me to do on them is to wood-burn a little doodad into them… something, I dunno yet, but something.

Til next time…

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