~8-14 Of 365 *2018*~

I did a small study on a couple of skills this week.  We only had one day of rain, and the rest was just beautiful.  So the camera was hermetically sealed to my body most of the time. After shooting bunches I narrowed a couple of new lenses down to purchase.  One is a macro 100mm.

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Ms. Bird appeared for a drinky poo.
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Rose petals are weathered now and on the floor of the garden. I have been lazy and not collecting them up lately.  I think the holiday rush of petals slowed me down for a bit now.  Iceberg Roses last a long time and are everblooming so I think I can let some go to the ground and it’ll be okay.
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The Lilies, however, are not weathered and are fragrant and beginning to bloom already.
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With the help of my buddy Rebecca, we jaunted off to the Canon store and found a new lens *liar… I found 2* hiding behind the counter.  After drooling debate,  a new 100mm came to my abode along with an 85mm on order.
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The center of the rose has a life of its own seen through the 100mm.  You can see just how clear it takes a photo by magnifying it a bit more.
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More evergreens are starting to sprout and I can actually see them through this lens. *like a new pair of glasses*!
8-14-5 (1 of 1)
…and my friend Joy came to visit on Sunday.  We had coffee at the Grateful SHE’d and just relaxed up there along with nature.  She found her name on one of the rocks I painted.
That was fun to watch.

The second week of the new year has come and gone on 365 2018.  I find it still strange not posting daily, but the time in between is nice to have.  I think the routine will be that every other week I will post in black and white trading off to color.  Then one week in an artsy fartsy way.
*Still working on it*.
Thanks for stopping in.

Til next time…

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