~15-21 Of 365 *2018*~

This week I worked on some old negatives of the past, that is film.  Something the new cameras just don’t use anymore.  Long gone for the most part with the exceptions of photographers that work with them.  I do enjoy still seeing shots from those that continue the art of photographing with film.  I got inspired when developing old family negatives into images, albeit on Lightroom now and not in the darkroom for a post on my other blog Tales From My Lens, and as such, this week’s Artsy Fartsy for 365 came into sight.

Cabbage Plant

The flowers turned out a great colorful look.  The cabbage was orignally white and had green around the edges.

1-16-18-1 (1 of 1)
A Butterfly Bush which is yellow in natural form.

I’ll be candid here, I like the hippie-dippie look of each shot and enjoy the outcome of a certain silence that the hidden colors a negative developed this way can portray.   Again, it is in the eye of the photographer and viewer for all that matters. Just as some prefer color to black and white, some would never venture into this realm either.

Ivy On A Wall

The creative aspect of today’s available software on cameras are there to explore and with Lightroom, easily available,  it is hard not to play around with the new techno at hand in post-processing.

Film Negatives from this week’s work taken decades ago.  


Ash Trees in the yard were a nice contrast to this study.

A reverse of the positive isn’t always a negative.  In the case of photography, it can be a very colorful shot as shown in the bench photo below.

The Winery Bench.  Playing with the hues and clarity came to this ending.  I was happy with the colors too.  I love purples and greens together.

The outcome of the deer horns picked up a chrome appeal. They are set under a table I use at the Not So Secret Grateful SHE’d Garden.

Deer Horns Decorate In After-Life.  Taking the saturation out came to this.

An exploration into the negative wasn’t so bad and quite frankly a lot of fun.  Enough fun to do it again and see what else pops up on the screen.  The shadows are always interesting.

Thanks for stopping in for the first artsy fartsy week of 365 2018.  I know it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is the exploration and changing it up that’ll keep this baby rolling.  Looking forward to the next.

Til next time…

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