~22-28 Of 365 *2018*~

1-26-18-5Looking out the window before the day begins.

1-26-18-2A tree of only 6 little oranges needed to be picked.  So I made Orange Chicken with the juice. Pretty tasty since I have never made it before.  I googled the recipe and replaced a few ingredients here and there, but all in all turned out pretty good.

1-26-18-9Holiday decorations came down at the Grateful SHE’d this week and new cups replaced the Christmas cups hanging in the window.

1-24-18-7For most of this week,  it was mulch and debris chores so the truck got filled and we went to recycle the chippings into wood mulch.  A couple of trips more and one portion of the property will be done until Summer….again.  That’s how it rolls around here.  Over and over and over again.

landscape-1The ride there has beautiful mountain views. Almost Sedona-like in the look with reds and oranges popping on the mountainsides.  On day two of this chore, taking time to pull over to shoot the mountains was worthy.  Sometimes work can wait.

1-26-18-12It sprinkled one day and this leaf popped out at me.  It had a pretty winter-look about it. This was taken with the new 85mm.

1-26-18-14Then there is the flower. Lantana. It grows all over the place here.  It not only helps the hillsides stay a bit stable it makes the bees happy too.

Such is the 4th week of 365 Days.  The WP photo challenge, variations of a theme, has, again, my little twist on it.  Instead of being forced to stifle myself for just one theme of “variations” I posted “variations” on the use of my daily photographing.

Thanks for stopping in.

Til next time…

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