~64-70 Of 365 *2018*

After gathering more lore for another story to post on Tales, I have been brought to a standstill to my investigations by a lousy cold.  I’m on hold for a few days, so the pics this week are not so picturesque-ish.   *first time sick in 3 years*.

Thanks for stopping in.

Til next time…

8 thoughts on “~64-70 Of 365 *2018*

  1. Very interesting photos, I especially love the letters and envelopes. hope you feel better soon, I think I am just coming down with something too, my throat is sore today.

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  2. These are beautiful photographs! I am very happy to see these old letters safely preserved. I too have a few with me that my grandma sent when I was in college. 🙂 And hope you get well soon!

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