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I felt better, so going to the local flea market was a breath of fresh air.  I collect these little sayings.  I just love them, but I am not sure this one is right for me because I do have a ripping potty mouth when I am angry.  I try, but at my age, well….
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I love my Oaks and having a few with very large branches, it was time to order a few swings.
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When this one arrived it was put it in a place where most people will have a difficult time getting on it. *on purpose*.  The area will be developed for another go-to spot.  I’ve already fallen asleep in the swing.  It sits over a hill and if I fall… well I go rolling down.  *maybe a seatbelt in the future?*  Somehow, I just love it there though so I will worry about that later.
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…this is why the swing is on this branch. It has a nice radiant view of the mountains over the trees.
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So, we had to go to Home Depot. Guess this guy had to go for more Bondo and duct tape also.
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This is the perfect spot for the sunset.  Maybe a deck will do in the future.
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At the end of the day on Easter Sunday, I finally had my first glass of wine in 4 weeks. Life is good.

Thanks for stopping in for another week of 365 2018.

Til next time…

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