~92-98 Of 365 *2018*~

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Earlier this week I baked a cake; it was the first cake I have done in awhile, but I was craving to bake and a cake was it. I don’t eat too much cake anymore; so the husb had a field day.  I used to make cakes for a short while back when and this was probably one of the best made since those days.  Cakes can be over-frosted *maybe that is just me* and since it was just the husb, this was perfect for a sweet topping.
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The lizards are everywhere right now in the garden! The Egret hasn’t been seen and the lizards seem to sense this; they are coming out in droves. This guy allowed me to touch him and wasn’t bothered a bit by it.  I love the blue neck. (this photo was cropped, but not enhanced so the neck is truly a pretty blueish purple color)
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The fog came in this week. For the past few days, it crept over the hills. I love the way it looks and feels.
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The rush is on for the house.  It was hardware week for house-homework. Faucets took a whole day to buy and I can tell you, it is exhausting when there is so many to choose from.  That seems silly to say, but it is true.
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…then the outdoor lighting was another homework project the day next.  Again, too many choices for us.  Happily, we got it all taken care of.
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Then there is Murray, aka Shopper Dog.  It seems these days I can’t post on 365 without posting a pic of the Mur-Man.  He never fails to just be a good little guy and go with the shopping flow. This stroller was the best thing we bought for him. He loves it and I don’t need to worry about his little self getting into mischief.  We choose to frequent dog furiendly places, (hence *Murray aka Shopper Dog*)  and the stroller is very handy to have.  He gets anxiety when left at home, but he never fails to make me smile.
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Having a good part of Sunday free, I finally started searching for some photos to edit and catch up. My friend here is a DJ and this was taken of him while he was working a party.

Getting out of being sick was a trying time but now feeling much better makes me smile finally and the rush is on for the house…again.  It’s all good.

Thanks for stopping by this week.

Til next time…

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