~162 – 168 Of 365~

murray (1 of 1)
It’s hard to get Murray up most days. Sometimes I can only find him depending on which way he sleeps. 
traffic (1 of 1)
Should have brought a snack. There is no choice which way to go…
shoe2 (1 of 1)
Roadside Art Gallery.  Which way did they get up that hill?
moreroadwork (1 of 1)
More which way to go roadside art. 
lights (1 of 1)
These finally came in and  I could not figure out which way to put them together.  Seems that the seller thought I would know *no instructions included*…
firetruck (1 of 1)
While sitting on the side of the road this happened by and now I am deciding on which way I am able to turn this car around to get back home. 
coffee (1 of 1)
Destination coffee was finally made on Father’s Day.  Which way did I get there?  Patience.  Patience was the only way.  

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Cee’s Which Way Challenge

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