~169 -175 Of 365~

squares-roof (1 of 1)
The week started out with “Square Roofs”
dogmoto (1 of 1)
Then it became a bike week
bornfreelandscape (1 of 1)
Silverado Canyon was filled with the Born Free Motorcycle Show
1954-2 (1 of 1)
…which is old school.
helmet and shoe (1 of 1)
Helmets and gear of all sorts
stiching (1 of 1)
Seats stitched in colors.
wolfgang (1 of 1)
And families having fun.  Here we have “Wolfgang”  who is gearing up to be a great future rider.  Love him! I have submitted this one to Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge cuz I think he fits in just perfectly getting ready to ride his electric animal into the rally.  


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