~176 – 182 Of 365~

Just another week coming and going and working and playing.  All in black and white and monotone for some reason unknown to me.  I just liked the photo this way.

road art (1 of 1)
While waiting for the road construction to clear *again*, there is always more art.  This time a trash bag.  


bed (1 of 1)
Repurposing an old daybed into a Frenchy lighter look. 


fp (1 of 1)
I also repurposed one of the old fireplaces we took out of the house.  Nope, it doesn’t work but its fun to play with. 


lfp (1 of 1)
This went in finally. 


house (1 of 1)
Light on the eaves shows the stucco work nicely. 


murray drinking (1 of 1)
Did you know a dog’s tongue curves backward to drink?  *Slurp*


food art (1 of 1)
A gluten-free wine time in the yard topped off Sunday.  

Thanks for stopping in.

Til next time.

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