~218 – 224 Of 365~

All in one week and still the fire burns.  It came too close for comfort, but we are safe and sound and by the end of the week, the music played on and the Holy Fire is now about 40% under control.  The copters and planes have been working steadily.  #Heros.

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My first sighting.  A neighbor called to have me look out and see the hill.  I saw this.  We were on call to leave if we had too, but the prep from my neighbors was nerve-steadying.   They have experienced this scenario before and having them call to check on us was a wonderful thing.
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The sky is thick and smokey.  Hard to breathe at times.
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We got a few of these throughout the week.
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A plume and warning to be prepared.
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The morning’s sun was incredible.  This is not a very keen shot at all.  I am lousy at taking sun and moon photos, but the sun was huge and red.  Eerie and beautiful all at the same time.
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We are seeing an abundance of animals.  The fire is behind us and they don’t have too many places to go.  This is mother and fawn having a little bite to eat before the music.  This was a quick-draw of cellzilla.
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It was so good to relax and listen to some music in our neighborhood.  This neighborhood is the best I have ever lived in.  We do take care of each other and we got calls and texts from most here to warn of the fire and how to go about vacating if we had too.   By the end of the week, we were relaxed a bit more.  I don’t know if I just got used to it and needed the break,  but music always works to relax me.   We went to the ranch and listened to some bands for a fundraiser for Vets.  It was a great ending to a rough week.

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