~253 – 259 Of 365~

A busy week with the new workroom.  Still in an upheaval here, but I couldn’t wait on getting my workroom together.  Knowing me, it will probably change again, but for now, this is it after a week of moving it around and testing every single corner out.  Frustrating as all heckaroomdom, but it landed up in a good spot.

Encaustic Setup
Paint station is done.
Mouse Addiction
Can’t live without the mouse. I have tried to use other devices and yet, I keep going back to the mouse.
Mr. GreenJeans
Little things to look at change often. Now I like this.
Murray Addiction
…then there is Mr. Murray who keeps tabs on me to get up and out for piddles and walks.  
New Desk Digs
2 monitors make it better with the old eyes.
Pillow Addiction
A little fun with textures in the workroom this week.
I have had this vase forever. It’s not special, but it has just been with me for decades. So it goes into the room

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