~267 – 273 Of 365~

camera (1 of 1)
Looking up into the lens.
fog (1 of 1)
The fog through the oaks.  I love looking up at the tops of the trees this time of year.
flowers (1 of 1)
Geraniums are still blooming.  Looking up from the path.
leaves bw (1 of 1)
The leaves are starting to turn and drop and so I am looking up on some of these photos for Lens-Artists photo challenge #13 which is “Look Up”.
Mantel (1 of 1)
Looking up at the mantel.
onionsbw (1 of 1)
The garlic plants are getting eaten up by the deer. *the one plant I was told they wouldn’t eat*.  So I am on a rock looking up.
Shed (1 of 1)
The Grateful She’d is still hanging in there waiting to be decorated for the holidays.  Looking up from the gate at just a slight angle.

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Lens-Artist Photo Challenge #13 joining in.  “Look Up” 

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