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October 2018

~295-301 Of 365~

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #17 Just For Fun If you haven't noticed I have found a great challenge, Lens-Artists, that has given me just that "push" I need.  Sometimes during all this construction, I get wound up so when it comes... Continue Reading →

~288 -294 Of 365~

Murray found a nice big bush. *He thinks it is a tree*.  He's my little big beautiful wonder.   Lens-Artists Challenge #16 - BIG Can Be Beautiful Too! Tina at Travels and Trifles hosts this weeks Lens-Artists. Thanks for stopping... Continue Reading →

~281 – 287 Of 365~

...and then there is this. The weather changed here so fast. From warm to cold, then the winds roared in. So much so, it blew our doors off in my workshop at 2 a.m. The only thing I could do... Continue Reading →

~274 – 280 Of 365~

I got this challenge also known as Lens Artists Photo Challenge, at LEYA.  (I think there are 4 hosts involved, but being a newbie to this challenge please correct me...) I like it and am thinking of settling into it... Continue Reading →

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