~274 – 280 Of 365~

Murray's Window (1 of 1)
Murray’s Window. Waiting for the train.  He barked.
Window Mountains (1 of 1)
My Kitchen Window View.  Lovely Day.
Window Mirrors (1 of 1)
A window’s view through the mirror.
Stained Glass (1 of 1)
One of two stained glass windows still to find a place.
Rose Window (1 of 1)
A view for the roses through the window.
Back Hill (1 of 1)
A backyard view through the windows.
Stained Glass Window (1 of 1)
Two of two of stained glass windows waiting to find a place.

I got this challenge also known as Lens Artists Photo Challenge, at LEYA.  (I think there are 4 hosts involved, but being a newbie to this challenge please correct me…) I like it and am thinking of settling into it as it occurs on the weekend ending of a new post for me.  So here is a link if anyone wants to join in on it.  Again, I hope I am doing this right and please someone correct me and show the way if I am not.  In any case, it if a fun one to shove some inspiration my way weekly.

Lens Artists Photo Challenge #14

Lens Artists Photo Challenge #14: Windows

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  1. Hi again, Kathleen! Could you please put in a link where the challenge is as well? At Leya. We want all the other participants to see it as well!


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