~281 – 287 Of 365~

Fog (1 of 1)
The fog changes the perspective of the day.
MB Hardware
Time to change out the knobs and handles. The hinges are my fave.
Murray (1 of 1)
Murray seems to change his mind by the minute where he might be comfier… at my expense. *that’s my chair*.
Katy Did (1 of 1)
A grasshopper changes its position but lets me capture those sharp edges on its legs.
New Shoes (1 of 1)
The Bridge got new shoes.  I love this time of year back here.  The changing contrasts in appearances are my favorite.  

Weather (1 of 1)

…and then there is this. The weather changed here so fast. From warm to cold, then the winds roared in. So much so, it blew our doors off in my workshop at 2 a.m. The only thing I could do in the dark was to grab a few extension cords and tie up. It worked.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #15: Change and/or Changeable.

The World Is A Book

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11 thoughts on “~281 – 287 Of 365~

  1. wow – the closing photo of the tied up doors tells a story! and in middle of the night- whew
    – also – love the furniture and different shots (you have a unique vibe to your work)
    and the grasshopper details were stunning


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