~288 -294 Of 365~

Tree Exploring (1 of 1)

Murray found a nice big bush. *He thinks it is a tree*.  He’s my little big beautiful wonder.

Tree (1 of 1)
The Big Old Beautiful Oak in the front of the house has leafed out.  
Maple Trees (1 of 1)
The trees on the side have grown. The Fall has made it look colorful and for some reason, for myself, the colors make it big and more beautiful than any time of year. 
Lemon Tree (1 of 1)
The Little Big Lemon Tree. Almost neglected last year because of the heat and fires, it came back very beautiful on it’s own. 
Fog (1 of 1)
Fog is beautiful and feels really big when outside in it.  
Front Porch (1 of 1)
The Big Canyon across from the house is a beautiful sight every morning.  
Porch To Be (1 of 1)
…and one day, this porch will be done and it will be a really big and beautiful deal to have it done too. *waiting*.


Lens-Artists Challenge #16 – BIG Can Be Beautiful Too!
Tina at Travels and Trifles hosts this weeks Lens-Artists.

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