We lightly celebrate these days because of the house, and we prefer just to enjoy company, and this year is not different. But we really have not been to our dinners so much yet and this week for the challenge the mall was as close as I got to enjoying the season.

martini (1 of 1)
We celebrated with a drink and good eats.
trees (1 of 1)
The season is in full celebration.
tesla (1 of 1)
Visited the Tesla company and test drove one. *meh*
oven (1 of 1)
Bought a small oven for the pantry.
kkw (1 of 1)
This new store was celebrating an opening at the mall. The design going into it was unique, however, when we got in it was only a makeup place where everyone was taking selfies. *boring*.
Another deer at the mall to ride on for the kids celebrating the lights.
Fire (1 of 1)
Putting the feet up at home was a nice celebration for the cankles.  

Lens-Artists #23 Celebration

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