This Season is a rush of sorts as it stands as the norm for most.  Having my Seasonal cold right now doesn’t help me in the getting around and enjoying the time.  Seems I woke up with a small monster of a cold this morn and now I am in the seasonal meds to get rid of it.  Anyway, the challenge this week is “Seasons”, which seems to have just started with dinners and friends.

scarf (1 of 1)
Tis the season to wear a good scarf crafted by my friend Wild Val and given to me as a past Season gift. Very soft and cozy.
tea (1 of 1)
Tis the Season to have a good cup of tea from a tea set which was given to me from my father before he passed. This time of year I pull it out and sip by the fire.
celebration dinner (1 of 1)
Tis the Season to celebrate the holidays with friends, and boy did we.  Lots of laughter and eats. 
carolers (1 of 1)
Tis the Season to listen to Carolers.
window treatment 2 (1 of 1)
Tis the Season to check out all the colorful window art around town.
window treatment (1 of 1)
Tis not the Season *although it happened to arrive this Season*, to have a mismatched botched up valance which we have been waiting for 3 weeks. *fail*.
bells (1 of 1)
and…Tis the Season to ring in the positive and take out the negative. *fast hands*

Lens-Artists #24 Seasons

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