~351 – 357 Of 365~

Reflections.  Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #25

foodfest (1 of 1)
Reflections from the wine:  Oh how I ate too much this Season and it isn’t even over.  Yes, this is another giant table of gut satisfying food.
tree (1 of 1)
This year’s tree was a bunch of branches. Reflections of my past trees are just that…a thought.  I did like this after it was done.  I just didn’t have it in me to get a tree and go crazy amidst all not being done
Swinging (1 of 1)
Swinging and thinking about how good it felt to be out after having a cold for a week.
reflections (1 of 1)
I liked the light reflections on this corner so I took the pic.
Rabbit (1 of 1)
This little guy is probably reflecting on who the heck I am disturbing his hunting and gathering.
jokes (1 of 1)
Friends know me.  Reflections on being me being my Dad’s daughter.
present (1 of 1)
The gift under the aluminum tree. It was a cuckoo clock.  Reflecting on I could not have married anyone better.

Lens-Artists #25 Reflections

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