~57 of 365~

intentbluriris (1 of 1)
Intentional Blur-Iris

17 thoughts on “~57 of 365~

    1. Ok…when on manual…intentionally move the camera. Short quick moves are what I like but you may find a different groove. Experiment with different lenses. I have it down on my phone too. It actually is harder than it looks, but I love doing it.

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          1. This camera isnโ€™t marked that way on the mode dial. It begins with Auto, then P, S, A, M and finally three separate user settings marked as U1 through U3.

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            1. Ugh… I’m not familiar with Nikon but I am guessing a couple of those are shutter and ap. I would guess the S is Shutter and A is Ap and M is manual. The U1 – U3 I bet are the “user” modes where you can set them to your frequent shots without resetting them? How fun! A new camera!


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