~366 of 365~

Don’t Be Offended

366th day of the year. Go figure on a 365 Days blog I have 366 Days to post. So I will take this day to say a couple of things. First off a huge Happy New Year to everyone!

Allow me to say good ridden to this year by this photo and hope no one is offended by it. On a positive note, Mr. Gnome is smiling and wearing a butterfly which seems to make it all better. It was given to me at Christmas and I really do just love it. It says everything about the year of 2020 and yet, it makes me smile.

Yes, I have decided to keep 365 Days going for yet another year. I seriously thought of taking a year hiatus as I did before, but I think I would miss taking that photo once a day.

So again thank you all and join me over at Mrs. Shecky in the meantime when you have some time do so.

Happy New Year!

9 thoughts on “~366 of 365~

    1. It will be an interesting year of political changes in both our countries, thats for sure. I just want out of here to come and visit already :/
      Wishing you all the best and a great Happy New Years.


  1. Mr. Gnome’s yoga position makes me laugh! There’s a certain tranquility in honesty. And yeah, good riddance to 2020! May your 2021 be many thousand times better! Happy New Year! 🎊

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