~43 of 365~

Rainy Lantana


5 thoughts on “~43 of 365~

  1. This is such a pretty flower. I was not familiar with the name Lantana, so I did some searching. (On a computer it really isn’t much of a search.)
    Lantana has some not so nice qualities …. all depending on who or what comes near it. Probably not good for a pet dog to eat.
    I imagine that could be said of any plant/animal. Doing its best to survive. 🙂
    But still very pretty.

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    1. You are right. It’s wild here where I live tho. The animals/rabbits live under it to protect themselves from predators. Sometimes the snakes do to..yuk, but It grows like a big bush. They can get woody too so they get cut back but their roots hold up the hills during the rains. Butterflies and bees love it. I’m lucky my dogs never eat the flowers here. The deer aren’t attracted to it. I guess nature knows and they are drought resistant too. 🙂 I love the way it all works here.


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