~212 of 365~

Month of posting trees ends with a little history on the Live Oak.


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  1. Live oaks are a huge part of the Central California scene They also have mistletoe, which I think is parasitic. I love the picture. Interesting discussion-starter. 🙂

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    1. Yes, you are right in California the whole state is full of them. And I think you are right about the mistletoe also we had an arborist come out and they got some off of one of ours before it grabbed the others so we were very lucky.

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      1. It grows huge. I don’t know if it kills the trees. The ones on our street were probably around 75-100 years old. – guessing. The native Americans in the area still harvested acorns in the 1920s so they may even be older than that. Our area wasn’t really settled before 1853, so some of the trees may date back to that time but I doubt that there are many that old.

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        1. Interesting, yes I’m originally from Northern California. I’m six generation. So I know the area up there is just full of them and yes you got a lot of few hundred year old trees up there. I moved to SoCal a while back but I go up there quite often because of my family roots in the Bay Area and Yosemite, etc. Very happy to meet you and the connection to California I just love it when that happens

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