~A Postcard Notice~

I seldom write posts here on 365, that’s for Tales and Mrs. Shecky, however, I thought I would send this postcard. Since it is coming close to 2022 I have been asked if I will continue next year here on 365, and that answer is yes. It seems I am paid up until the end of 2022. So, with this knowledge that I somehow forgot, this is how I plan to do it: I am posting renditions of the same subject for each day of each month for this coming year, 2022.

For example, January will be a month of Carnations, the flower for January. One may get bored with that, but when I first started 365 Days it was a photo practice site to get feedback and post a diary of sorts in pictures. It evolved from writing a post with photos each day, then captions, and then finally into a creative photo a day. It is a place that started because I wanted to watch my growth as a photographer with the new digital cameras and lenses, and with the challenges it has helped me grow.

I try to make it really easy for one to come and look and not spend time searching out the photo, and so far I think the site works well for that, so the appearance won’t change. I know a lot of you read many blogs as I do so having it upfront with no ads works for this. I am also running out of space here and will have to archive a couple of years previous of posts/photos but I think I can move on to archiving the old and keeping the new. I am leaving this little postcard notice as a sticky post for a few days then will put it in the norm post-roll.

I continue to enjoy everyone’s photos, the challenges, and your comments always make me smile. Thanks for reading.

We have just a couple of weeks left this year, then on to the new… enjoy!

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