~Another Good Run Of 365 Days~

Hello everyone! As you know it is the first of the year 2023 and as planned, posting a photo a day happened! Whew!

A Little Review: 365 Days has been going strong since 2017 with only one break so it has been quite the photo challenge. I loved taking photos of flowers and sharing them this time around and using different lenses to take the photo in sometimes a different way instead of a straight shot as usual and Cellzilla seemed to work just fine when in a pickle without a camera. I tried to do a flower of the month at the beginning of this year but as it goes, I didn’t have access to some of the beauties so going rogue was the choice to be made. It actually got a bit easier to do that.

Since it was time, the Canon R6 and the Lumix with the Leica lens are part of the camera bag now along with a couple of new lenses, and what fun it was to explore them with you here. There really is a difference in using mirrorless and now I am spoiled a bit by them. There are so many ‘in-camera’ uses to go crazy with and you all put up with that new experience with me. Having Photoshop coming into my life a bit more has been an interesting learning curve, and now I have come to love creating digital printables. It has really been an eye-opening experience this year and it all starts from the lens.

The News: As the 365 Days blog did a few years ago, it will be taking a break as this new year is going to take me traveling a bit more, and as such the daily post may not make it if I am running around having that cocktail at that moment of post forgetfulness… *gulp*. With that, I didn’t want to disappoint you or myself in a no-post moment. However, I am still checking into all my bloggers here and reading posts, And just because I love doing them, I will be participating in many blog challenges over at Tales From My Lens that many of us do here. So I look forward to that.

Where Now?: I am still blogging on Tales From My Lens and Mrs. Shecky If you are not already following Tales From My Lens, I hope you will follow me there as the posting will go on for all things and I would love to invite you to do so. Mrs. Shecky is a little house and home blog that I love to post recipes and such. It isn’t everyone’s cup of tea as they say, but if it’s yours please come on by there too and do a follow. I am also on Instagram under Kathleen Jennette and post there a bit more – maybe even daily eh? But please come on over there if you wish. I have ‘peaceful’ places and do not indulge in the unsettling aspects, so please join me if you would like to.

May you all have a wonderful year of happiness and health and thank you so much for participating in this Photo Of The Day blog for so many years called 365 Days.


Kathleen Jennette

8 thoughts on “~Another Good Run Of 365 Days~

  1. I enjoy this site. Thank you for sharing so many wonderful photos. Always enjoy any experimenting with your process as well. Will see if I follow Tales from my Lens (I think I do?) and plan on following the other also. Happy 2023 full steam ahead!

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  2. I wish you safe and happy travels this year, Kathleen Jennette! It sounds like a good idea to take a break from the 365 blog so that you have more time for yourself. Happy New Year! ☺️

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