Well, hekjh1-1-of-1-2re I am posting at the 365 Days blog.  A challenge of sorts to post once a day for the year.  Call it a personal resolution to make due on a daily journal of my insane passion for photo blogging. I tried walking away once from Life’s Ride As I See It (my motorcycle blog) and yet I just keep coming back.  Just a simple post daily to look back on.

The 365 Days blog is separate from Tales From My Lens but connected just the same through the links on both sites.

Tales From My Lens has blog posts on just about everything else which is normally a once or twice a month gig.  But, getting to 365 Days is easy to do…just click the 365 Days link on the  Tales From My Lens  Menu or come straight here at http://www.365daysblog.com. Either way, does fine by me.  Leave a comment if you like, I always like those.  Do a Follow.  Do a Like.  Just do a visit, but I thank you all for just checking this out.

With that, I hope you visit here and make yourself at home.

Thanks for stopping in.

Til Next Time…