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~Just A Photo A Day For 365 Days~



~12 of 365~


~365 of 365~

Looking Forward

~212 of 365~

~Squares - Perspectives~

~155 of 365~

Murray Got A Clip

~119 of 365~

#Squares - Top Dog

~19 of 365~


~176 – 182 Of 365~

Just another week coming and going and working and playing.  All in black and white and monotone for some reason unknown to me.  I just liked the photo this way.             Thanks for stopping in.... Continue Reading →

~307 Of 365~

P.These guys seem to be my new neighbors.  About a dozen of them have made a home in the oak across from my front door. They make a mess and make a lot of noises, but they are pretty to... Continue Reading →

~260 Of 365~

This face!  This morning he wouldn't leave me alone. He's been kept inside a bit more. Now that I am more aware of those little buggers, the Tarantula Hawks, and their sting, they aren't so cute anymore and we are avoiding a portion... Continue Reading →

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