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~267 – 273 Of 365~

Thanks for stopping in. Til next time... Lens-Artist Photo Challenge #13 joining in.  "Look Up" 

~15-21 Of 365 *2018*~

Artsy Fartsy Week. A reverse of the positive isn't always a negative.  In the case of photography, it can be a very interesting look. 

~167 Of 365~

~Yes She Can Create~

~166 Of 365~

Today is the big day.  So I am out of it a bit.  I am posting early so I can have the day to recoup.  The crystal bowl is lurking around for another magnolia, but today is not the day.... Continue Reading →

~123 Of 365~

Gettin' My Potpourri On. Today I stored away a few jars of potpourri from my garden.  Each one has a varying fragrance and the smell is just wonderful.  Everyday I pick a houseful of roses and now I am addicted... Continue Reading →

~118 Of 365~

Textiles. Being a collector of all sorts, I have a good collection of textiles.  This is on a bench that I just love and thought I would use it for #118. Today's News:  T is twitteling how successful he is...... Continue Reading →

~71 Of 365~

Doll Lights We took a walk around the Orange Plaza today and went into the shops.  This was an interesting find in a garden shop.  Lights made out of unique finds and doll heads.  Very creative. As you can see... Continue Reading →

~60 Of 365~

Down Time In Between. In between the work I got lost in the craft room again.  I grabbed more rocks and started flipping out on them.  I don't know what gets me on these things, but I have fun doing... Continue Reading →

~50 Of 365~

The Ceiling. I was sitting on the couch waiting for clients staring at the ceiling when I took this snap. I had some fun in my software program and it went from this: To this: I like doing this stuff... Continue Reading →

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