~118 Of 365~

Textiles. Being a collector of all sorts, I have a good collection of textiles.  This is on a bench that I just love and thought I would use it for #118. Today's News:  T is twitteling how successful he is... again.  *yawn*.  *He makes my eyes and ears hurt*.  America may run out of the... Continue Reading →

~71 Of 365~

Doll Lights We took a walk around the Orange Plaza today and went into the shops.  This was an interesting find in a garden shop.  Lights made out of unique finds and doll heads.  Very creative. As you can see by these works of light, one might take it creepy or just whimsical. Til next... Continue Reading →

~60 Of 365~

Down Time In Between. In between the work I got lost in the craft room again.  I grabbed more rocks and started flipping out on them.  I don't know what gets me on these things, but I have fun doing it.  I lost time and realised everyone had left... about an hour ago.   Til... Continue Reading →

~50 Of 365~

The Ceiling. I was sitting on the couch waiting for clients staring at the ceiling when I took this snap. I had some fun in my software program and it went from this: To this: I like doing this stuff more than watching TV any day. Til next time...

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