……….365 Days………..

~deserting 365 Days for 365 Days, Needed a Break. Tales From My Lens is one click away~



~134-140 Of 365~

  Thanks for stopping in. Til next time...

~113-119 Of 365~

Welcome to another 7 photos of the week. Thanks for stopping in. Til next time...

~106-112 Of 365~

Spent some time pulling weeds and putting together pieces of the garden this week. One day of rain was welcomed and made everything look and smell nice. Thanks for stopping in. Til next time...

~57-63 Of 365 *2018*~

Went out into the open with the 100mm this past week.  Working with this lens makes close-up photos seem out of this world, and a beautiful world at that. Camelia Bud The sign of warmer weather is seen throughout the garden now.... Continue Reading →

~29-35 Of 365 *2018*~

Just beginning February, and the garden is starting to sprout again.

~8-14 Of 365 *2018*~

I did a small study on a couple of skills this week.  We only had one day of rain, and the rest was just beautiful.  So the camera was hermetically sealed to my body most of the time. After shooting bunches... Continue Reading →

~336 Of 365~

Age In The Garden. Til next time...

~266 Of 365~

It is Fall and it being that the house needed Fall flowers.  So it got them.  It was irrelevant that it was a 77-degree day.  Welcome Autumn. Til next time...

~265 Of 365~

I don't have the name of this plant.  Just one leaf is about 4 - 5" and the plant itself is tall and lanky.  It's getting big.  If you know, please comment.  I thought it was Ginko but was told it... Continue Reading →

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