……….365 Days………..

~deserting 365 Days for 365 Days, Needed a Break. Tales From My Lens is one click away~


From The Booth

~301 Of 365~

From The Booth. The day started out slow, however, we got into a "had to do" with the house at the last minute and had to run around.  We would have preferred to go to our friend's party, but it... Continue Reading →

~260 Of 365~

This face!  This morning he wouldn't leave me alone. He's been kept inside a bit more. Now that I am more aware of those little buggers, the Tarantula Hawks, and their sting, they aren't so cute anymore and we are avoiding a portion... Continue Reading →

~252 Of 365~

From The Booth

~230 Of 365~

From The Booth

~120 Of 365~

From The Booth. It was a warm day and today we dealt with looking for doors for the new house.  We are in that stage of renovation now.  After checking out the local antique shops and crafts people, the hunger... Continue Reading →

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