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~112 of 365~

#Squares - Top Side Of The Hill

~260 – 266 Of 365~

Fun day with some fun photos. I was in one of those moods for hours it seems. So this weeks' photos have some fun tweaks to them. I just love to edit for some crazy reason. Thanks for stopping in.... Continue Reading →

~183 – 189 Of 365~

Thanks for stopping in. Til next time...

~120-126 Of 365~

  Thanks for stopping in. Til next time...

~22-28 Of 365 *2018*~

I've always thought abstractly - through theme and variations rather than narrative. ~Robert Wilson

~286 Of 365~

Cloaked in green one side of the yard looks great... Then there is this.  Working on it.  Pain in my arse. Til next time...  

~284 Of 365~

Knowing we are 45% contained with the fire, the mountains were my focus on an artsy fartsy flair with the camera.  I love them, and they looked exceptional today through my lens. Til next time...

~278 Of 365~

Today's excursion was Black Star Canyon to check it out. After dropping off greens and playing with the tractor it was fun to get away to this place of quiet for a while... sorta of... I sat in the car,... Continue Reading →

~106 Of 365~

Easter. To those that celebrate, Happy Easter.  It was a beautiful day here in So. Cal.  We had a great dinner with family and friends, early so we could relax.  Ate like crazy, laughed a lot, and watched old movies... Continue Reading →

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