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Flower of the Day (FOTO) Challenge

~330 – 336 Of 365~

Happiness Is... Lens-Artists #22 Happiness Is... Week 1 – Patti of Week 2 – Ann-Christine aka Leya of Week 3 – Amy of Week 4 – Tina of Thanks for stopping in. Til next time...

~323 – 329 Of 365~

This week was a busy one so I could not partake in any challenges.  I know the photos are not much but this week ya got a bunch of daily do pics   Being so busy, I think I got a... Continue Reading →

~288 -294 Of 365~

Murray found a nice big bush. *He thinks it is a tree*.  He's my little big beautiful wonder.   Lens-Artists Challenge #16 - BIG Can Be Beautiful Too! Tina at Travels and Trifles hosts this weeks Lens-Artists. Thanks for stopping... Continue Reading →

~274 – 280 Of 365~

I got this challenge also known as Lens Artists Photo Challenge, at LEYA.  (I think there are 4 hosts involved, but being a newbie to this challenge please correct me...) I like it and am thinking of settling into it... Continue Reading →

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