~146 Of 365~

Daily Prompt~Reprieve~ This is a good word for the day.  It is Friday and I am welcoming this holiday weekend as a nice reprieve from it all. Today's News:  The same old story about T.  He's his worst enemy. *patience* Local News:  A new free-fall ride, Guardians of the Galaxy" is now at California Adventure... Continue Reading →

~144 Of 365~

Daily Prompt~Impression~ Are first impressions important?  Probably not, but it counts.  Good or bad, the impression one makes at first is a perception for the future. Sometimes making a bad impression is what one wants to do so they never have to see that person again. *I think that is what happened with me and... Continue Reading →

~133 Of 365~ Final

Daily Prompts ~ Final~ Have you ever heard someone say the term "last and final"? Sure you have.  It can sound almost threatening. However... Nothing is last and final, not even death. The less that term is used, the more productive life is.  Knowing that is simplicity, and the complications of "last and final" are... Continue Reading →

~130 Of 365~

Daily Prompts ~ Pursue~ Today is a new day to pursue freedom of the weeds.  Cleaning out the dirt and throwing it away in the waste can. Evidently #45 thought he was doing the same yesterday. Today's News:  Yesterday T decided to pursue house cleaning by"firing" Comey as head of the FBI.  *really, he forgot... Continue Reading →

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