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~Just A Photo A Day For 365 Days~



~223 Of 365~

Murray's kennel.  After 10 years of the delivery of this cage,  he finally goes in and out of it.  A break through. Sorry about the blur, but he thought I was going to put him back in, so he went... Continue Reading →

~222 Of 365~

An Invitation. A new post on Tales From My Lens *finally*. Til next time...

~188 Of 365~


~186 Of 365~

Because of the move, Murray had a playdate. I had to pluck him out of doggie day care and he's pooped now.  *I wish it was this easy to pluck T out of office. * Til next time...

~182 Of 365~

Countdown now is two days to go. Yup...I still have a house full, but I'm packed. Til next time...

~181 Of 365~

Busy. Moving. Still doing it. 18 years of shutfff. Til next time...

~175 Of 365~

Born Free. An old school motorcycle rally. A fun weekend with friends.  Till next time...

~174 Of 365~

Scooters Mailbox.  Love it here.  So does Murray. Til next time...

~146 Of 365~

Daily Prompt~Reprieve~ This is a good word for the day.  It is Friday and I am welcoming this holiday weekend as a nice reprieve from it all. Today's News:  The same old story about T.  He's his worst enemy. *patience*... Continue Reading →

~144 Of 365~

Daily Prompt~Impression~ Are first impressions important?  Probably not, but it counts.  Good or bad, the impression one makes at first is a perception for the future. Sometimes making a bad impression is what one wants to do so they never... Continue Reading →

~133 Of 365~ Final

Daily Prompts ~ Final~ Have you ever heard someone say the term "last and final"? Sure you have.  It can sound almost threatening. However... Nothing is last and final, not even death. The less that term is used, the more... Continue Reading →

~130 Of 365~

Daily Prompts ~ Pursue~ Today is a new day to pursue freedom of the weeds.  Cleaning out the dirt and throwing it away in the waste can. Evidently #45 thought he was doing the same yesterday. Today's News:  Yesterday T... Continue Reading →

~129 Of 365~

Daily Prompt ~ Temporary~ Everything is temporary.  Everything... even the Daily Prompt. It will change tomorrow. Til next time...  

~127 Of 365~

At the store today I came across this plate (the featured picture here). It reminded me of a dog I used too have named Shirl-Honey. I used to put a small bandana on her head *made me smile with heart*....And, ... Continue Reading →

~124 Of 365~

Murray. He likes the kitchen floor. When it's hot it is his go to for cooling off.  Today's News: Our country's policies should never be about our President, but this guy thinks they are. It is not Obamacare Trumpeters, it... Continue Reading →

~120 Of 365~

From The Booth. It was a warm day and today we dealt with looking for doors for the new house.  We are in that stage of renovation now.  After checking out the local antique shops and crafts people, the hunger... Continue Reading →

~109 Of 365~

Wild Val. Today was her birthday.  Moving out of the 60's and into the 70's.  We had a great day relaxing and getting all the current events out of our system.  It was just was she and I both needed.... Continue Reading →

~108 Of 365~

Porch Dog. Murray is beginning to like the porch more.  He is getting older and walking up and down stairs is tiring after awhile so he meanders on it.  I picked him up and we went to the work room... Continue Reading →

~107 Of 365~

Still Investigating. I am still at the chalkboard tracing family lineage.  Looking good and have gone back about 7 generations now.  Still working. News today:  Not sure.  I have only posted in Facebook a couple of likes, Twitter haven't gotten... Continue Reading →

~102 Of 365~

Framing. Framing is coming along.  Inspections next week and its still a go.  A few more months and this job is done. Til next time.

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