……….365 Days………..

~Just A Photo A Day For 365 Days~



~223 Of 365~

Murray's kennel.  After 10 years of the delivery of this cage,  he finally goes in and out of it.  A break through. Sorry about the blur, but he thought I was going to put him back in, so he went... Continue Reading →

~222 Of 365~

An Invitation. A new post on Tales From My Lens *finally*. Til next time...

~188 Of 365~


~186 Of 365~

Because of the move, Murray had a playdate. I had to pluck him out of doggie day care and he's pooped now.  *I wish it was this easy to pluck T out of office. * Til next time...

~182 Of 365~

Countdown now is two days to go. Yup...I still have a house full, but I'm packed. Til next time...

~181 Of 365~

Busy. Moving. Still doing it. 18 years of shutfff. Til next time...

~175 Of 365~

Born Free. An old school motorcycle rally. A fun weekend with friends.  Till next time...

~174 Of 365~

Scooters Mailbox.  Love it here.  So does Murray. Til next time...

~146 Of 365~

Daily Prompt~Reprieve~ This is a good word for the day.  It is Friday and I am welcoming this holiday weekend as a nice reprieve from it all. Today's News:  The same old story about T.  He's his worst enemy. *patience*... Continue Reading →

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