~218 – 224 Of 365~

All in one week and still the fire burns.  It came too close for comfort, but we are safe and sound and by the end of the week, the music played on and the Holy Fire is now about 40% under control.  The copters and planes have been working steadily.  #Heros. Til next time...

~127-133 Of 365~

The Annual Silverado Chili Cook-Off & Hoedown seems to have overtaken my camera so you are getting a taste of the day here.   I think the whole town showed and indeed I must say,  it did.  Instead of posting tiles, kitchen makeovers, etc, it is said with a breath of fresh air, I am glad... Continue Reading →

~213 Of 365~

Today's word prompt is "toothbrush". Doesn't quite fit in to what today was all about, but I will try. Today started out like this: and ended up like this: Then the rain, thunder and lightening came (featured image). ...and tomorrow I take my trusty toothbrush out of my toolbox to clean him up. *I know that's corny,... Continue Reading →

~140 Of 365~

Daily Prompt~Descend~ After a long day it is time to descend into the evening appropriately.  Hope all are having a wonderful weekend.  I am. Today's News: (of course it's about T, isn't it always?!) T did a shaggy sword dance in Saudi Arabia.  *give this man some rhythm puleezzz!*  Yes, awkward even to watch... he... Continue Reading →

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