~190 – 196 Of 365~

Twas another hot week, so staying inside and out of the heat it was a go-to game for finding interesting things to photo pic.  Ending up with this bunch, I am tossing this post into the 'round file' and the 'around file' *no pun intended...* Thanks for stopping in. Til next time...

~183 Of 365~

Welcome to the garden furniture storage behind the RV. It's lucky to look this good *and it looks lousy*.  It's that time, when we just throw the stuff anywhere to get it out.  One day and counting until the movers.  Forgive me for not posting with as much zeal, but this move has got me.... Continue Reading →

~96 Of 365~

The Old Desktop. Waiting was too long.  I have another few days.  So I dug out an old desk top and voila, it works just fine enough to post until the new laptop comes in.  It's crazy how much money and how often these laptops break down and yet, this true old guy here is... Continue Reading →

~51 Of 365~

The Doorway. We went to eat at this restaurant and it was full of this and that's.  This is the main doorway.  The inside was still playing Holiday music and had stuff hanging everywhere.  We sat down and had a pretty good Italian dinner with some Chianti.  The walls gave me some inspiration to do some... Continue Reading →

~32 Of 365~

It was another beautiful So Cal afternoon.  After digging in a new sidewalk Murray and I sat down then went to #Starbucks for a mocha grande no whip.  On Facebook yesterday and today the skinny was no one would be going.  Guess they were wrong.  Good for Starbucks for holding their own.  On another note,... Continue Reading →

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