……….365 Days………..

~Just A Photo A Day For 365 Days~


Sunday’s Shoes

~47 of 365~

Sunday's Shoes-On The Road Again

~40 of 365~

Sunday's Shoes For a Sunday's Selfie

~33 of 365~

Sunday's Shoes. Signs of Relaxation.

~337 Of 365~

Sunday's Shoes. A Serene Fit For A Sunday Walk Til next time...

~169 Of 365~

~Sunday's Shoes~ From this angle it looks like Charlie Chaplin entered my body and took over my Sunday's Shoes.  In any case, I had a nice ride today.  Murray was taken care by the husb and I got a day... Continue Reading →

~155 Of 365~

~Sunday's Shoes~ It's just that kind of day. Slip them on. Then don't get up. Relaxin' Til next time...    

~148 Of 365~

Sunday's Shoes. It is a Sperry kind of day.  Radiate in it.  I sure did.  Now I am feet up relaxing. Today's News:  Trump is still crying "fake news".  I am still trying to get someone to tell me to... Continue Reading →

~92 Of 365~

Sunday's Shoes True to a self-induced promise yesterday, I put on Sunday's shoes and went riding.  It was a gorgeous day.  I am grabbing what I can in the in-betweens. This was day three that I purposely did not watch or... Continue Reading →

~15 Of 365~

Sunday's Shoes ~ #1

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