……….365 Days………..

~a daily photo post for 365 days~

~190 Of 365~

Daily Prompt~Savage~ There's nothing like living like a savage, and nothing wrong with it either. I am just not used to it though.  Looks like this new beginning is going to have a box top start in this tiny temp.  After tomorrow... Continue Reading →

~189 Of 365~

The last chair. Storage closed til the build is finished.  We are one happy family looking forward to turning the keys over and on to our new lives. Till next time...

~188 Of 365~


~187 Of 375~

The closet went into storage today. I'm recording this move to remind me never ever ever to move again. Never will I tether down another box.  Til next time...

~186 Of 365~

Because of the move, Murray had a playdate. I had to pluck him out of doggie day care and he's pooped now.  *I wish it was this easy to pluck T out of office. * Til next time...

~185 Of 365~

Storage Floors. Sail Through The Move.

~184 Of 365~

Other than the memories, the Harley Ride Post-It  will be missed most.  Til next time...

~183 Of 365~

Welcome to the garden furniture storage behind the RV. It's lucky to look this good *and it looks lousy*.  It's that time, when we just throw the stuff anywhere to get it out.  One day and counting until the movers.... Continue Reading →

~182 Of 365~

Countdown now is two days to go. Yup...I still have a house full, but I'm packed. Til next time...

~181 Of 365~

Busy. Moving. Still doing it. 18 years of shutfff. Til next time...

~180 Of 365~

We've been so busy packing that the day flew by. Now we're hungry and Murray is licking his chops. He knows we are at our favorite Chinese Food Restaurant. Til next time...

~179 Of 365~

Mr. and Mrs. Jones

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