……….365 Days………..

~a daily photo post for 365 days~

~254 Of 365~

It is boot time again!  Yayyy!  I don't like to disobey fashion rules *ok, I lied, but...* the white shoes went into plastic boxes until next year's Spring and out came the boots for Fall and Winter.  I am very... Continue Reading →

~253 Of 365~

It is my father's birthday (RIP) and it is 9-11, a day to Never Forget, and I never will.  Every September 11th since 2005 (the year I got my motorcycle license) I put on my Dad's watch and shirt, get... Continue Reading →

~252 Of 365~

It's not so peculiar to shop savvy. So why not...

~251 Of 365~

From The Booth

~250 Of 365~

My favorite Thunderhead in the whole wide world.  I have my feelers out for a buy on my beloved LUVMEDU.  My Beatles bike.  I have decided to see how that goes and let go.  ughghghg... *having separation anxiety already.* Waiting to... Continue Reading →

~249 Of 365~

I'm doing a quick post.  I don't like to do that, but tonight I am on the way out and needed a post.  So this is a photograph (a bad one to boot) of a wonderful drawing in the family. ... Continue Reading →

~248 Of 365~

I went in to look at the URALs. Then I saw this. And then I saw that. Then I got confused. Then confusion put me in an altered state. Then I had to remove myself because I drove myself crazy.... Continue Reading →

~247 Of 365~

My favorite painting.   Sometimes, if you really think of it, paintings and photographs can really elevate you in a soulful way.  This one does. A snap of a painting of the Golden Gate before the bridge. Til next time...

~246 Of 365~

It was finally a nice day to educate myself on some of the property that I haven't yet been too, so I took a good Tea Walk *as I call them in the a.m.*   This time to venture further... Continue Reading →

~245 Of 365~

Priceless. The perfect Daily Prompt for the project I am doing.  I love the letters, in type and in particular handwriting.  The computer may go down, but the solid document in hand is still alive after all these years.  I feel... Continue Reading →

~244 Of 365~

And then there is this little guy who will continue to make his way down the handrail, where he almost got smashed by my hand.  I'm happy he still exists. Til next time... Daily Prompt ~Continue~

~243 Of 365~

The unknown. Just when I thought I was on a roll scanning photos to place them in the appropriate spot on the family tree, I came across these two (or this person).  I think I know who it is, however,... Continue Reading →

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