……….365 Days………..

~a photo a day posted once a week~

~353 Of 365~

I can relate.  Not seeing over the table top and falling out.  These two guys had a field day today that took them into dinner with us.  Mr. Rusty and Mr. Murray.  A good team. Til next time...

~352 Of 365~

I never know where my daily compass is going to take me, but today was a fun one finishing up a crafty-wafty project.  The wind has died down so I took advantage of being outside and enjoying the nice weather.... Continue Reading →

~351 Of 365~

A true road warrior's abode.  A very dear person to many in the riding network.  I was very happy to come upon him in town.  He lives riding the roads and welcomes those with a wonderful smile on his travels.  This... Continue Reading →

~350 Of 365~

Well, today's Dear 365 Days diary writes to having holiday fun with friends of almost 40 years.  Every year at this time, we meet for breakfast then venture to one of our favorite antique stores and dance while we shop. ... Continue Reading →

~349 Of 365~

As I keep working on the potpourri I realize I will need to ascend a ladder to get to the shelves which keep filling up with petals.  The only way to store now is up even though I give a... Continue Reading →

~348 Of 365~

I hear the Elf On The Shelf is a legend. Til next time...

~347 Of 365~

The inheritance of this door has been long coming.  All the way from Spain, it finally is in.  Onward build... Til next time...

~346 Of 365~

It has been my theory that one day this rubble will become my next projects. However, the house is still under construction and it seems that wherever I move the pile to keep it out of the way, the pile gets... Continue Reading →

~345 Of 365~

The elegance of a sampler.  All handmade.  All beautifully crafted. This is my Great Great Great Grandmothers work. Done when she was a child. I did one too around her same age, and by coincidence, both are on burlap and... Continue Reading →

~344 Of 365~

Enjoying our local Giracci Vineyards and Farms. Who could resist this beautiful view at sunset?  What a perfect eve like summer, beautiful surroundings, wine, and jolly good conversation. Til next time...

~343 Of 365~

There is a degree of expert craftsmanship that does not exist too much anymore.  Preferring antiques over modern is the way to the comfort zone and back to beautiful basics. Til next time...

~342 Of 365~

Time for the parties so I am getting that holiday varnish on. The duds are out and ready. *Wish I was*. Til next time...

~341 Of 365~

I gorge myself with editing most nights. This photo is of the canyon nearby. This is the original.   Til next time...  

~340 Of 369~

Murray had a moment when we went through the drive-thru for a puppacino.  He saw the saintly logo peeking through the palms and got his paws ready.  *Funny how dogs know where they are headed*.  Anyway, he hadn't had one in... Continue Reading →

~339 Of 365~

It was a good idea to relocate.  I love the trees.   Til next time...

~338 Of 365~

Patina.  My style. Til next time...

~337 Of 365~

Sunday's Shoes. A Serene Fit For A Sunday Walk Til next time...

~336 Of 365~

Age In The Garden. Til next time...

~335 Of 365~

Things are starting to sparkle.  Made the bread and cookies for some take along gives and that's all it takes for me to get into the season. *stranger things have happened, but I love baking this time of year*. Til... Continue Reading →

~334 Of 365~

I love the trees and their roots.  This highway of roots was on the curbside and I had to stop and take a photo of it.  To me, it was a serene bundled mess, but it was an awesome tree. Til... Continue Reading →

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