……….365 Days………..

~a daily photo post for 365 days~

~136 Of 365~

Well today is just one of those days that almost got by me! Yikes!  So it is a short post.  A photo of a distant relative's head stone.  Kind of creepy and yet it has been kept up and it... Continue Reading →

~135 Of 365~

Daily Prompt~Qualm~ I had a qualm about taking Murray to my semi-annual coif day.  He normally goes, but I needed a break.  He won the argument.   Today's News:  Yup, T again.  While he is off having din din with... Continue Reading →

~134 Of 365~

Daily Prompts ~ Collaboration As some have seen already, I have gone 134 days as of today posting a photo-post each day. There have definitely been some days I have hit a blank, so doing a bit of WordPress searching... Continue Reading →

~133 Of 365~

Daily Prompt ~ Hospitality~ Hospitality is a given for me... And Murray knows it. Today's News:  So, N. Korea does not want to be provoked... so stop provoking us.  *I suspect T will be twattling Twitter with childish provoking pokes... Continue Reading →

~132 Of 365~ Final

Daily Prompts ~ Final~ Have you ever heard someone say the term "last and final"? Sure you have.  It can sound almost threatening. However... Nothing is last and final, not even death. The less that term is used, the more... Continue Reading →

~131 Of 365~

Daily Prompt~  Maze~ Everyone has to go through the maze to get rid of things and people you certainly do not need around in life anymore, clothes, things, even people and then there is family.  Going around and around is... Continue Reading →

~130 Of 365~

Daily Prompts~Pink~ So the kids flew in for the pink water today.  I am weening them off the red color additive.  They say to ween them off and then they will come to the clear. Sorta like AA, I implemented the... Continue Reading →

~129 Of 365~

Daily Prompts ~ Pursue~ Today is a new day to pursue freedom of the weeds.  Cleaning out the dirt and throwing it away in the waste can. Evidently #45 thought he was doing the same yesterday. Today's News:  Yesterday T... Continue Reading →

~128 Of 365~

Daily Prompt ~ Temporary~ Everything is temporary.  Everything... even the Daily Prompt. It will change tomorrow. Til next time...  

~127 Of 365~

Daily Prompt ~ Bitter~ As we all know a lemon is bitter in its taste.  But, lemons can be part of a recipe to satisfy our palates, just add sweetness.  One just has to apply a bit more to combat... Continue Reading →

~127 Of 365~

At the store today I came across this plate (the featured picture here). It reminded me of a dog I used too have named Shirl-Honey. I used to put a small bandana on her head *made me smile with heart*....And, ... Continue Reading →

~126 Of 365~

Today was International Female Ride Day. I went out for a little putt then it started to rain a bit. So I went home to wait it out. Sparticus  was on staring Kirk Douglas. Stayed home obviously. Cooked up a... Continue Reading →

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