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~Just A Photo A Day For 365 Days~



~319 Of 365~

Life is just a huge experimental journey~Me

~315 Of 365~

Although I am not a neophyte shopper, I just have a hard time seeing all this now.  It is coming wayyyyy to fast. Til next time...  

~313 Of 365~

Gingerly walk each day enjoying life in the sweet smell of nature. Til next time...

~312 Of 365~

Today was that day.  The dentist. The pics look like a monster movie, but believe it or not I feel like dancing and I have never said that after a dental visit.  In fact, I have always been miserable. This time I... Continue Reading →

~311 Of 365~

...and this is today, #311. The original photo I had planned for the featured image here is actually this one posted, however, the dead rat is artsy fartsy'd out of it.  It was definitely not for the faint-hearted but I... Continue Reading →

~310 Of 365~

Because of the time change waking up early wasn't a problem yesterday.  Unfortunately, for me, there is no panacea that will get me back to sleep so I played with the apps on my phone. It is a little artsy... Continue Reading →

~309 Of 365~

Sunday's Thoughts:  Photo Apps.  Having that extra hour today had me not wanting to get up but being up, I grabbed Cellzilla and played with some new apps I haven't tried.  I am calling it my Andy Warhol hour.  ... Continue Reading →

~307 Of 365~

P.These guys seem to be my new neighbors.  About a dozen of them have made a home in the oak across from my front door. They make a mess and make a lot of noises, but they are pretty to... Continue Reading →

~306 Of 365~

Heading into the Winter I have to put some things away.  It seems like just yesterday chimes, and all the little doodads were put up, but the wind hits hard here so it is time to put it all away... Continue Reading →

~305 Of 365~

This photo is from my garden today and I think it gives out the mystery of Winter approaching that today's Daily Prompt needed.  So there it is. Til next time...

~304 Of 365~

It is Halloween and it's that day where kids should be having a fun time and be as ghoulish as their costume permits. For those having that day,  Happy Halloween and enjoy it. Til next time... Thoughts and prayers go out... Continue Reading →

~303 Of 365~

In all his fur fluff, he did well today after the vet appointment.  He also got a Thunder Shirt to keep him from getting anxiety (which he does often).  I'm not sure if I see any difference yet but we... Continue Reading →

~302 Of 365~

It was a day of gratitude.  A close friend of mine lost her brother suddenly and today we said goodbye and thank you to his life. Photos were taken in San Juan Capistrano, CA. Til next time...  

~301 Of 365~

From The Booth. The day started out slow, however, we got into a "had to do" with the house at the last minute and had to run around.  We would have preferred to go to our friend's party, but it... Continue Reading →

~300 Of 365~

Today's Daily Prompt word is Orange.  Since I had a load of pics taken for the Seven Days Challenge in black and white, I loaded this one up with an "orange" filter.  So believe it or not, I did use... Continue Reading →

~299 Of 365~

Seven Days Seven B&W Photos Challenge #7 Sometimes it just seems a bit surreal when a challenge is done. Like this one. But it is. The Seven Days Seven B&W Photos Challenge is in its final day... today. Til next time...

~298 Of 365~

Seven Days Seven B&W Photos Challenge #6 It's nice to have your own identity, but to gather with others makes the whole identify who we really are.   Think about that. Til next time...  

~297 Of 365~

Seven Days Seven B&W Photos Challenge #5 Daily Prompt: I am beginning to get my trademark look with all the artsy fartsy I love to do in post.  A part of a series I am working on for print is... Continue Reading →

~296 Of 365~

Seven Days Seven B&W Photos Challenge #4 Daily Prompt: During the night there is a cacophony of frog songs.  Here is one of the singers found under my cushions at the SHE'd. Til next time...    

~295 Of 365~

Seven Days Seven B&W Photos Challenge #3 The Daily Prompt:  Enlighten. I think this is non-edible, and I wouldn't touch it with bare hands. But knowing just that much fear will enlighten me on the next weird one that pops... Continue Reading →

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