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~47 Of 365~

The Holy Tree.  Literally. Today I went to get the mulch for the rose garden.  In front of the office is this huge old Oak Tree with one huge old hole in it.  It reminded me of petrified wood.  The... Continue Reading →

~46 Of 365~

Camelias...Again. I have fallen in love with the camelia garden.  There are just a few bushes and like roses, they are beautiful. After working in the rose garden, moving rocks and finally sitting down for the next design zen in... Continue Reading →

~45 Of 365~

Camelias In Bloom While working in the rose garden today I popped into the camelia spot of the yard.  In full bloom today so I took some inside for my vase.  This tree is loaded and the red one next... Continue Reading →

~44 Of 365~

Fill It And They Will Come. I put the Hummingbird feeder back up after the rains and wind today.  Although the photograph and video is not so great, it shows when you fill it they will come.  One after another... Continue Reading →

~41 Of 365~

Bernie's Sky February 10, 2017 I woke up around 3:00 a.m. last night and could not go back to sleep.  I don't like checking the phone because I just can't get back to sleep again.    So I peeped my... Continue Reading →

~40 Of 365~

Day 40 Of 365 brings A Buggy Milkweed Plant. Back in December I bought this Milkweed plant and left it on my front porch for warmer weather planting.  I went to get it today and it was full of little... Continue Reading →

~39 Of 365~

Dirty Dog. It turned out to be Wild Wednesday with Murray in the garden helping me with the planting.  It is still muddy from the rains and he had a heydey after being cooped up.  I can't keep him out of... Continue Reading →

~38 Of 365~

Tuesday T's Windshield Trees While I was waiting in the parking lot, I took advantage of the rain drops and trees.  The "featured" image is from the side window of the car looking almost straight up.  Using the phone on... Continue Reading →

~37 Of 365~

Today's Macro Monday theme is "Say Cheese". I was going to skip Macro Monday today but I went ahead and took a look at the theme and read it is "Say Cheese" today, no people in the photo.  Luckily it... Continue Reading →

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