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~70 of 365~

#FOTD - Rose Petal & Sweet Gum Ball Seeds

~43 of 365~

#FOTD-Rose Petals

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~177 Of 365~

Visited the local appliance center and builder supply. I'm liking these, but there's so many choices.  Til next time...

~103 oF 365~

Work Day. Today, everyone was put to work.  We did a clearing of a portion of the property and Zowie was even put to work.  She likes to take things in her mouth to help out. Firewood was collected for... Continue Reading →

~91 Of 365~

Now this is genius. If we do go under as a country, at least I know how to get radio reception with a cement mixer.  I guess aluminum foil is not in style in anymore. Went on a little ride today.... Continue Reading →

~82 Of 365~

Feet.   After writing yesterday's post photo from  Tales From My Lens, I played around and went a little crazy on the feet pic.  Today I continued fooling around with it and came up with this.  Just a mirror. Fun... Continue Reading →

~81 Of 365~

Some Days It Has To Rain. Murray came up to the secret garden and of course, it started the rain newscasters were talking about.  So we took a break inside the coffee *to be* shed while is passed. His ears... Continue Reading →

~80 Of 365~

More Growth. There are quite a few leaves shooting out from the branches.  Turning the house a bit green and blossoms on some. This is post #80.  Can't believe I stuck with this as long as I have but it's... Continue Reading →

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