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~323 of 365~

Yellow Rose #FOTD

~133 of 365~

#FOTD - Thistle

~109 of 365~

Squares - Top Deck

~279 Of 365~

It arrived today. From France, it is the new-old antique fountain for the front. Now I just need my front done. It's genius thinking when the guy says it is heavy and it took 8 people to load it...and only... Continue Reading →

~275 Of 365~

Condolences to those families who lost their loved ones yesterday. I am so sorry. I am praying and holding you close in my thoughts. Til next time...      

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From The Booth

~237 Of 365~

That's my mean look for a new blog that will inhabit a space for the family coming soon. ShortBred. I think I will also post this every time T's name is said.  *it's a hurl look* Profile pic too.  Eh?... Continue Reading →

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