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~Just A Photo A Day For 365 Days~



~188 of 365~

#Squares - Perspectives

~186 of 365~

#Squares - Coping

~151 of 365~

#CB&W - It's All About Nature

~105 of 365~

#Squares - Work From The Top

~47 of 365~

Sunday's Shoes-On The Road Again

~33 of 365~

Sunday's Shoes. Signs of Relaxation.

~323 – 329 Of 365~

This week was a busy one so I could not partake in any challenges.  I know the photos are not much but this week ya got a bunch of daily do pics   Being so busy, I think I got a... Continue Reading →

~197 – 203 Of 365~

Playing with photos is a choice for my photo/creative side, so this week editing and having a bunch of black and white fun is what was happening in between the house gig.  It has been relaxing in a way that... Continue Reading →

~176 – 182 Of 365~

Just another week coming and going and working and playing.  All in black and white and monotone for some reason unknown to me.  I just liked the photo this way.             Thanks for stopping in.... Continue Reading →

~148 – 154 Of 365~

Til next time...

~99-105 Of 365 *2018*~

It is all in black and white and monochrome this week with some spins in editing. Thanks for stopping in. Til next time...

~363 Of 365~

Self-Portraits #4 Of 5 ~Gotta Create~ Til next time...  

~360 Of 365~

Self-Portraits #1 Of 5 ~ Feet On Couch, A Moccasin High~ I have this proclivity to blog.  So, When I started 365 Days I had it in mind to end the year in self-portraits.  For the next 5 days, I... Continue Reading →

~356 Of 365~

Today I was a bit influenced by old noir movies so I shot in black and white and had some fun in the garden.  The featured image for this post reminds me of those B and C giant ant and... Continue Reading →

~351 Of 365~

A true road warrior's abode.  A very dear person to many in the riding network.  I was very happy to come upon him in town.  He lives riding the roads and welcomes those with a wonderful smile on his travels.  This... Continue Reading →

~338 Of 365~

Patina.  My style. Til next time...

~336 Of 365~

Age In The Garden. Til next time...

~307 Of 365~

P.These guys seem to be my new neighbors.  About a dozen of them have made a home in the oak across from my front door. They make a mess and make a lot of noises, but they are pretty to... Continue Reading →

~302 Of 365~

It was a day of gratitude.  A close friend of mine lost her brother suddenly and today we said goodbye and thank you to his life. Photos were taken in San Juan Capistrano, CA. Til next time...  

~301 Of 365~

From The Booth. The day started out slow, however, we got into a "had to do" with the house at the last minute and had to run around.  We would have preferred to go to our friend's party, but it... Continue Reading →

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