~352 Of 365~

I never know where my daily compass is going to take me, but today was a fun one finishing up a crafty-wafty project.  The wind has died down so I took advantage of being outside and enjoying the nice weather. A few days ago I cut oak slices from branches saved from the arborists cleaning... Continue Reading →

~346 Of 365~

It has been my theory that one day this rubble will become my next projects. However, the house is still under construction and it seems that wherever I move the pile to keep it out of the way, the pile gets smaller and smaller for some unknown reason.  *Must go on the land hunt*.  Last time... Continue Reading →

~282 Of 365~

I believe in a lot of things, but what I have learned in life is I had to believe in me first.  Sound selfish?  On the contrary, because without believing in oneself first, one cannot believe in knowing to achieve and actually succeed to actually accomplish in life. So believe. Now, in saying all that,... Continue Reading →

~73 Of 365~

A Crochet View I like to collect things.  All sorts of things, but mainly vintage.  I have been collecting since I was a kid and still love it.  Sometimes things go into boxes because I run out of space.  So I bring them out and act surprised because I found them.  Some of the "things"... Continue Reading →

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