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Daily Prompt

~127-133 Of 365~

The Annual Silverado Chili Cook-Off & Hoedown seems to have overtaken my camera so you are getting a taste of the day here.   I think the whole town showed and indeed I must say,  it did.  Instead of posting tiles,... Continue Reading →

~295 Of 365~

Seven Days Seven B&W Photos Challenge #3 The Daily Prompt:  Enlighten. I think this is non-edible, and I wouldn't touch it with bare hands. But knowing just that much fear will enlighten me on the next weird one that pops... Continue Reading →

~286 Of 365~

Cloaked in green one side of the yard looks great... Then there is this.  Working on it.  Pain in my arse. Til next time...  

~278 Of 365~

Today's excursion was Black Star Canyon to check it out. After dropping off greens and playing with the tractor it was fun to get away to this place of quiet for a while... sorta of... I sat in the car,... Continue Reading →

~270 Of 365~

Heart of an oak.  What a coincidence that it resembles a heart. Til next time...    

~268 Of 365~

There isn't any other place on this planet I would rather be and that is my little shed in the not so secret garden.  I planted a few more plants and spent the day up there with my Murray. Til next time...

~262 Of 365~

Today's tentative scheduled tree trimmers turned out to be a go which was great for taking the camera around the rose garden.  It won't be long before they will be cut for the season.  Murray was at doggie play date and... Continue Reading →

~260 Of 365~

This face!  This morning he wouldn't leave me alone. He's been kept inside a bit more. Now that I am more aware of those little buggers, the Tarantula Hawks, and their sting, they aren't so cute anymore and we are avoiding a portion... Continue Reading →

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