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~Just A Photo A Day For 365 Days~



~148 Of 365~

Sunday's Shoes. It is a Sperry kind of day.  Radiate in it.  I sure did.  Now I am feet up relaxing. Today's News:  Trump is still crying "fake news".  I am still trying to get someone to tell me to... Continue Reading →

~138 Of 365~

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Heritage~ There is so much to tell. In the meantime, I am still reading and discovering. This is my Great Great Grandfather.  He was the head of quite a few organizations. He looks like me even...Puffy eyes... Continue Reading →

~137 Of 365~

Well today is just one of those days that almost got by me! Yikes!  So it is a short post.  A photo of a distant relative's head stone.  Kind of creepy and yet it has been kept up and it... Continue Reading →

~107 Of 365~

Still Investigating. I am still at the chalkboard tracing family lineage.  Looking good and have gone back about 7 generations now.  Still working. News today:  Not sure.  I have only posted in Facebook a couple of likes, Twitter haven't gotten... Continue Reading →

~84 Of 365~

Getting the Family Tree done and going through docs.  It's very time consuming, but in the end, I will have a clean trace of lineage which at this moment goes into the 1600's and the Mayflower.  One of the amazing... Continue Reading →

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