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~deserting 365 Days for 365 Days, Needed a Break. Tales From My Lens is one click away~



~183 – 189 Of 365~

Thanks for stopping in. Til next time...

~57-63 Of 365 *2018*~

Went out into the open with the 100mm this past week.  Working with this lens makes close-up photos seem out of this world, and a beautiful world at that. Camelia Bud The sign of warmer weather is seen throughout the garden now.... Continue Reading →

~349 Of 365~

As I keep working on the potpourri I realize I will need to ascend a ladder to get to the shelves which keep filling up with petals.  The only way to store now is up even though I give a... Continue Reading →

~336 Of 365~

Age In The Garden. Til next time...

~313 Of 365~

Gingerly walk each day enjoying life in the sweet smell of nature. Til next time...

~305 Of 365~

This photo is from my garden today and I think it gives out the mystery of Winter approaching that today's Daily Prompt needed.  So there it is. Til next time...

~290 Of 365~

It's risky getting into the flower bed when the bees are still around.   The lavender is ready to cut back and it is always hard for me to do that chore after seeing this purple pretty all Spring and Summer, but... Continue Reading →

~277 Of 365~

No one can deny nature is a bowl of mixed up.  From beauty to ugly, from terror to calm.  I can't get over the beauty of it in the morning here still though.  Yesterday a deer staring me down and today... Continue Reading →

~262 Of 365~

Today's tentative scheduled tree trimmers turned out to be a go which was great for taking the camera around the rose garden.  It won't be long before they will be cut for the season.  Murray was at doggie play date and... Continue Reading →

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